Amyoli Internet Research Lab

Generative AI in Scientific Organizations

What is this study about?

We are studying how the responsible and secure use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) applications can support science and operations in a national lab. Our goal is to inform the development of tools and policies concerning the use of generative AI (specifically large language models) in scientific organizations through qualitative insights and prompt engineering. We are a collaboration between researchers at the University of Chicago Department of Computer Science and Argonne National Lab’s Business and Information Systems, which implements software solutions to support operational excellence at the national lab. This study has been approved by the University of Chicago Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Can I participate? What do I have to do to participate?
  • Eligibility: at this time, we are only surveying / interviewing members of the Argonne lab community.
  • If you’d like to take the 10-minute survey and don’t have the link, please email us.
  • If you’d like to participate in a 30-minute Zoom interview, please provide your email in the survey or reach out directly.
I’d like to participate. How can I sign up?
  • To participate in this study, email Matthew Dearing (Argonne) or Kelly Wagman (
What do I get out of it?
  • Your help will guide future enhancements to Argo, Argonne’s private instance of OpenAI’s models.
  • Our findings will provide a blueprint to help future scientific organizations make best use of generative AI tools.
Research team

Marshini Chetty, Professor of Computer Science, University of Chicago

Matthew Dearing, Business and Information Systems, Argonne National Laboratory

Kelly Wagman, PhD student in Computer Science, University of Chicago