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Congratulations to our graduating students!

Many congratulations to graduating seniors Leo Sun, Michael Cheng, Quinn Thompson, and Natasha Messier. We also congratulate Katherine Dumais and Chirag Mahapatra for completing their masters degrees! Another great year has flown by and we will try to be better about updates moving forward!

Lab lunch


Congratulations to our graduating seniors!

We wish all of graduating students all of the best – we will miss you all! This includes college seniors: Abby Barnes, Liv Campili, Jason Chee, Oishee Chakrabarti, Andre Dang, Riya Sahni, Ishaan Singh, and Zoe Torok and high school seniors: Navaneeth Rajan and Yaretzi Ulloa! We are ever so grateful for your contributions and look forward to hearing about your new journeys in the world 🙂




Outreach at the Museum of Science and Industry

Jake, Andre, Riya, Ishaan, and Leo joined a host of other students and faculty from UChicago Computer Science department to attend the National Robotics Week at the Museum of Science and Industry. This year, they presented two different activities. The first was a game that involved having children and adults guess what data various stakeholders knew about them. The second was a live demo that visualized what data third-parties collect when visiting EdTech websites online. Both activities were a resounding success! Read more about the event here.


K-12 Privacy and Security Challenges Paper To Appear At CHI 2023

Our paper on privacy and security challenges around educational technologies in K-12 schools has been accepted to CHI 2023. This work led by Jake Chanenson with Brandon Sloane from New York University was done with a team of awesome researchers including our amazing collaborator Danny Huang (NYU), AIR Lab undergraduates Amy Morrill and Jason Chee, and high-schooler Navaneenth Rajan from Princeton Day School in New Jersey. You can read the paper here!

4th Annual Symposium on Applications of Contextual Integrity

We were excited to co-organize the fourth annual symposium on applications of contextual integrity, PrivaCI, at CornellTech in New York City. Jake presented at the symposium on our K-12 EdTech project and also helped mentor new and incoming students to the community – it was a great event all round!

Privacy and Security Apps for Kids?

Shriya just published a short blog post summarizing her senior thesis work to investigate what apps exist for helping children learn about privacy and security as part of our SPE4K project. In short, few popular apps exist for this purpose but parents surveyed indicated that having this kind of learning integrated into existing apps that children use may be more beneficial. Check out her post here which includes a link to her full thesis document.