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Cybernaut Privacy Policy/Frequently Asked Questions
Where Can I Download Cybernaut Extractor?
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What is Cybernaut?

Cybernaut is an educational mobile application, designed for elementary school-aged children between ages of 7 and 11 to raise awareness about online privacy and security.

What are the benefits of using Cybernaut?

With children beginning to consume digital content at increasingly younger ages, they need to be better prepared to navigate different privacy and security challenges online. Cybernaut supports elementary school-aged children developing a foundation for learning about online privacy and security concepts in a fun and engaging manner. Cybernaut was developed as part of a research project conducted by researchers at the University of Maryland, College Park and the University of Chicago to help children learn about online privacy and security.

How does Cybernaut work?

Cybernaut is a 2D platformer where a player guides an astronaut up an endless set of platforms without hitting a firewall inside a computer. Controlling the astronaut by tilting the mobile device, the player can receive short boosts from powerups that ask questions related to online privacy and security while avoiding hitting alien spaceships. If the player either hits the firewall or spaceships, the player must correctly answer a multiple choice, scenario-based question to continue playing or else lose the game.

Data Privacy
What information does Cybernaut store?

Cybernaut does not collect any personally identifiable information from the user. However, user account data, such as a player’s high score, is stored locally on the user’s device.

Who is Cybernaut designed for?

Cybernaut is intended for use by children ages 7 and up and their parents or legal guardians who provide consent for their children to use the app.

Who makes up the research team?
  • Marshini Chetty
  • Tammy Clegg
  • Catherine Lu
  • Kanchan Naik
  • Jessica Vitak
  • Jonathan Yang