Amyoli Internet Research Lab

This year, the AIR lab has at least 2 open positions for Ph.D. students. If you are planning on applying to the Ph.D. program in Computer Science, please send Marshini an email so that she is aware of your application. Read on to see if the AIR lab is for you. Most often, our lab works with:

  • students that care about people (to do qualitative work),
  • students that like to design (to help give those systems a design aesthetic),
  • students that like to hack (to help us create awesome systems), and
  • students that like to collect data from the Internet (to help us understand people in multiple ways)

What we most value is students that are passionateenthusiastic, and motivated. In addition to graduate students (Ph.D. and masters), our lab also regularly works with undergraduate students. Reach out if you are interested in finding out more. Be sure to mention specific projects of interest or new projects that may align with our agenda and include your CV or resume and a link to any online portfolio if you have one.