Amyoli Internet Research Lab

The following are software resources and data sets from AIR lab:

The following links are useful resources for research, learning about HCI at UChicago, and student life:

  • AIR Lab wiki – For AIR Lab members only. This wiki contains useful information on getting started on research, collective knowledge gathered by AIR Lab members, and a FAQ for AIR Lab members.
  • HCI Club – This is a bi-weekly seminar that is jointly run by students and faculty in HCI in the Computer Science Department at UChicago. We hold a variety of events including talks and community-oriented events about everything from how to ask a good research question to how to conduct user studies remotely. Details on how to sign up for the HCI Club mailing list and the list of scheduled events are on this web page.
  • Nick Feamster’s Great Research Blog has great tips for PhD students, time management, and life in academia.