Amyoli Internet Research Lab

Spring and Summer Talks

Marshini participated in a great panel on applications of artificial intelligence for a College Readiness Program offered by the Office of Special Programs in April. She also worked with the Connecting Contexts Team to deliver a workshop on Keeping Kids Safe Online at our partner school in Chicago in April. More recently in June, Marshini gave a talk on misleading online content such as dark patterns and disguised advertisements at the 17th Annual Center for Competition Policy Conference on Rethinking Consumer Policy held virtually at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom. She also presented her work on AdIntuition and automatically disclosing online endorsements at the Federal Trade Commission. All these events were held virtually!

Congratulations To Our Graduating Students

We want to congratulate all the graduating AIR lab members including:

  • Tara Aggarwal (Undergraduate CS)
  • Archie Brohn (Undergraduate CS)
  • Regina Catipon (Masters in Computational Social Science)
  • Kevin Feng (Undergraduate CS from Princeton)
  • Neha Lingareddy (Undergraduate CS)
  • Riley Osborn (Undergraduate CS)

We wish these students all the best for the next chapter in their life journeys!

More Great Speakers To Come In Our Distinguished Lecture Series in HCI

More Great Speakers To Come In Our Distinguished Lecture Series in HCI

UChicago CS is hosting a distinguished lecture series in Human-Computer Interaction this year. This series was co-organized by Marshini Chetty, Blase Ur, and Pedro Lopes. You can read more about the series here. Videos for the talks will be made available as the speakers come around. The videos for the talks that have already occurred are linked below as well as the registration links for upcoming talks!

Virtual Town Hall On Contextual Integrity of Contact Tracing Video Available

Contextual Integrity of Contact Tracing Virtual Town Hall Report

Together with Helen Nissenbaum (Cornell Tech), Yan Shvartzshnaider (New York University) and Blase Ur (University of Chicago), Marshini co-organized and hosted the Virtual Town Hall on Contextual Integrity of Contact Tracing on September 22, 2020. This was a successful event with a lively virtual panel and breakout rooms with great panelists and session leaders from law, computer science, and communication disciplines to name a few.  The video of the event will be made available soon but you can read more about the event at the PrivaCI website. This is our third event which we moved to virtual in 2020 owing to the pandemic. We aim to hold an in-person event in Chicago when that is possible but stay tuned for updates.