Amyoli Internet Research Lab

AIRLab Study Logger Extension FAQ

Where can I download AIRLab study logger?

Click Here For Google Chrome Web Store

What does AIRLab Study Logger do?

This extension should be installed by participants recruited for our user study conducted by the Amyoli Internet Research Lab at the University of Chicago. The extension is used to assist the researchers with tracking if the study participants are correctly enrolled in the study. The extension records limited data, such as what Playback settings the user has set for the Netflix profile they choose to enroll in the study. This data is only associated with the user’s Prolific ID. We do not record any Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The extension is only active on and no other information is tracked about a user’s browsing habits.

Where is the data stored, and who can access it?

The information is stored on Google Cloud servers, which are controlled only by members of the research team. Many large companies such as Target, PayPal, UPS use and trust Google Cloud. These companies have much more sensitive data.

Would AIRLab Study Logger sell the data for commercial purposes?

No. This is a strictly research project, and the data collected by the extension is of no value outside the context of this study.

How to use AIRLab Study Logger?

Upon installing the extension, participants should click on the extension to enter their Prolific ID and select which Netflix profile they use so we know which profile is involved in the study. Participants can correct this information at any time. After this information is entered, no action is required by participants. Participants only need to keep the extension installed and activated until the end of the study. If you clear your browser’s storage, you will need to re-enter your Prolific ID and Netflix profile.

Who makes up the research team?

Brennan Schaffner
Logen (Jiatong) Li
Yaretzi Ulloa
Marshini Chetty